What Does The “Falling Pound” Mean to Me?

Last week the Pound of GBP dropped in value against the USD/US Dollar, to the lowest point in what me the history of tracking the valuations.

We keep hearing about how low the GBP/Great British Pound is to the USD, but what does that really mean for you and I?

It means inflation may rise, which means for every £1 you spend it may only be worth .97p or less.

It also means that other countries you may wish to visit will cost you more, especially if you need to exchange currency.

On the bright side, the weak Pound makes tourists more likely to visit us as it will be cheaper fo them once here.

Other countries may also want to buy our products as they will be able to purchase more as their currency is stronger and buys more against a low Pound. However, it will cost us more to import goods from other countries to the UK, which in turn will make those goods more expensive to us as consumers.

You can about this in more detail here.

Another aspect of the falling Pound and the new mini-budget coupled with the volatility of the markets is that some mortgage lenders are “withdrawing” some mortgage deals they were offering, and not accepting new mortgage applications.

While this impacts and could hurt property sales, it may also save some buyers from huge mortgage payment increases in years to come.

Read here to get more of the details.

Is Being a Food Delivery Driver a Tasty Job?

The answer to this question will be who you ask. Many rate the job itself as a good way to make some money, but may not rate the company they work for as being so good.

You have to look at the actual work itself, delivering food, while still hot to those who ordered it. Regardless of the weather, you are out there, dodging traffic, buses, the odd pedestrian, in addition, you may not receive any tips. Which many drivers count on tips, which can affect what you earn.

You also may have long hours, waits between deliveries, and also your expenses for your moped or vehicle, petrol, repairs etc.

The local McDonalds near where I live has on any day, 10-20 delivery riders waiting outside for orders to pick-up to deliver, or to receive a new order to deliver. They just hang-out and converse and socialise outside the McDonalds.

In some countries delivery drivers do not even earn enough to eat! Now that is irony. Delivering food you cannot even afford to buy.

In Brazil they are experiencing “food insecurity”. Read all about it here.

Fraudsters Use Energy and Cost of Living Crisis to Get Our Money

Everyday there is a new scam or type of fraud being devised by those thieves looking to separate us from our hard earned money. And with energy prices increasing, and the cost of living going up, scammers are using our worries and fears against us.

Sending fake emails and messages to click here and get our energy rebate, or a Council Tax rebate, or some other rebate or cash/money grant.

It is sad that these fraudsters do this to exploit our concerns and worries, and sad many people do get taken in.

Read this for more details and information.


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