Money Saving Tips

I have been watching my bills lately, and what I have been watching is them go up!

My internet was raised by £4.80, an odd amount. My mobile bill went up, by the cost of living, even with a contract. The contract allows the mobile company to raise their tariffs in accord with economy.

Service charges for my flat have risen. The list can go on and on.

Here are some additional ways to save money.

Students Need to Save Money, Too

Students are experiencing a different type of economic change than some other non-students.

Here are some money saving tips strictly for students.

Saving Money and Getting Out of Debt

I have written so many times about debt and how to get out of debt, and even did a podcast about it.

However, I am not the only person giving advice or writing about how to get out of debt, you can read some other’s perspective as to how to get out of debt here.

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