Food Stores to Close For Queen’s Funeral

The Queen’s funeral will be Monday September 19th, and it will be a Bank Holiday causing many stores, shops, and government agencies to be closed.

In many instances, some food supermarkets will stay open shorter hours on a Bank Holiday, however, many stores have stated they will be closed on the 19th.

You can read the list of closures and more here.

Mums Know How To Save

If your a mum with children, and let’s face it, children are what makes you a mum, you know the expense of raising children, even one child.

Many mums have started web sites on how to save money and money saving tips and ideas.

Here are a couple of them. Site 1 Site 2

Used Car Prices Have Risen

You may have noticed lately that the price of used cars seem to have risen in the past couple of years, why you may ask?

In part new car sales were down, the Pandemic and lock downs added t the lack of new car sales. This drove used car sales up, so supply and demand. More people want a car, but but buy a pre-loved car.

In some instances if a car is written off, the owner received more as a buy out/pay off than expected as the used car prices increased.

Read all about it here.

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