If You Receive Benefits You Need to Report All Changes in Your Circumstances

One of the major errors people who receive benefits is failing to report any changes in their circumstance to DWP. And one of those changes is having your partner move in with you.

Other changes are:

You can read more about changes that need to be reported here.

Shared Home Ownerships, a Way To Buy a Home

Shared home ownerships have ben around for some time now. In essence you are buying a percentage of a property, say 25% or even 50%, and rent on the rest f the property you do not own.

It is a way of getting on the property ladder at a cheaper rate s you need less of a deposit.

However, there are pros and con’s to this, such as being responsible for all repairs, just a if you owned the entire property.

You can read more about the pros and cons of shared ownerships here.

The Bain of Some Cities Existence – e-Scouters

During the pandemic and subsequent lock downs, an old but some think bright idea popped up, let people use e-scouters to get around, almost like public transportation.

You have an account with the scouter company, use their app to locate a scouter near you, rent it, and off you go; great in theory.

But then you see these scouters zipping in an out of what cars there were on the road, 2 and sometimes 3 people riding on them; they were made for one (1) rider, and they are silent. So you cannot as a pedestrian hear them coming up from behind you.

Insurance issues aside, as you can only rent one from the approved company in your city. You cannot just go out out and buy one on your own and ride it around.

Then there is the “scouter litter”. Where ever the person gets to their destination, they just leave the scouter there, they just drop it off and leave it. Scouters left every where.

However, in Canterbury, Kent, they are winding down the e-scouter scheme long before the government’s proposal of 2024, most due to accidents.

Read all about it here.

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