I lost my job in Abu Dhabi in 2015 tried to get another as I had a loan and credit card outstanding but couldn’t get one,I left the country and came home to Northern Ireland,I’m still receiving emails with what started at 100,000 dh is now 700,000 with fines and interest accrued over 7 years,could you advise me on the approach that I should take please I live week to week and have a mortgage so could afford nowhere near the money that’s owed.

Regards Paul



Loan companies in Abu Dhabi have no collection authority in Northern Ireland, so they can threaten all they want to collect the debt, but have no authority to collect the account. If the account is sold to a NI collection firm it can be collected there in NI, but within the laws and rules in NI. This gives you all the insolvency laws there to deal with it.

Accounts/debts in the UK fall off your UK credit file in 6 years if there has been no contact from the creditor. This may not pertain to a debt in other countries.

My advice is to contact the bank and advise them you cannot pay, the ball is in their court as to what they may do. Again, they have no authority in NI.



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