For Some The Cost Of Living Means No Pets

Having a pet, bet it a dog, cat, or whatever, is not cheap, if you have pet insurance.

However, some families are giving up their pets due to the costs of keeping them.

Read this and cry.

A Choice Between Food….or Your Children’s Sports

Let’s face it, kids are costly, we love them dearly, but they are not cheap. And that includes as they get older wanting to be in sports. Which being in sports in a great thing! The exercise, the social aspect, it is all good!

Read this to see some families dilemmas.

Tenancy Service Charges

If you live in any shared or communal areas, such as a block of flats, and pay service charges/fees, there could could a change coming.

You will receive a notice from your landlord, but you may wish to do a search regarding this. As all energy prices are rising, so the service charges will rise as well.

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