Smaller Companies Are Going Bust Owing The Government Money

There is an estimate that £500 million, if not more, could be owed to the government for unpaid “Covid Loans”. Some companies that took out the loans were qualified and when the lock down were lifted could not come back; it was not business as usual. And there were those companies that were not fully qualified, and just took the money and ran.

Read this, and it is well worth a read.

Coop Community Fund

Time is running out to apply for the Coop’s Community Fund. You need to read this here and follow the links to see if you qualify.

Technology….We All Need It…..How To Save Money

Like it or not, most of us use some form of technology. It may be a computer, mobile phone, or even just a gaming console. And this “tech” can be expensive.

So read here on how to save money on our technology needs.

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