BA Suspends Ticket Sales

I would suspect and expect many of us have read or heard about the major issues going on with air travel these days.

Mostly baggage handling issues. These they say, stem from lack of staff and trying to hire people due to the increase in people flying, especially now as it is the summer holiday season.

Resorts want to get people back, people want to back on holiday, and the system cannot cope with the demand.

So the airports, well Heathrow as one example, is limiting the number of flights to try and cope with this demand and lack of baggage handlers, security, etc.

So now BA/British Airways, is suspending some flights to work with the airports.

Read this.

Energy Support Scheme

From October, households should be receiving £400 over a period of months to help with their energy bills.

Those that pay their gas and electric by direct debit, should see the money applied to their bills, those that pre-pay should receive vouchers.

Read all about it here on the government’s web site.

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