Immigration and Jobs

The Brexit has caused for a labour shortage in some industries, and there are those that have their ideas and plans to help with that. One being the head of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, who is pretty outspoken on many subjects.

Read his thoughts here.

Travel Issues Addressed

We have all heard of the recent nightmares of travelling….bags lost, hours of waiting in queues, no staff.

You can read here about this from an “airport workers” stand point.

Is “Job Hopping” Bad For You?

Job hoping is where you change jobs on a regular basis, usually in the hopes of getting a better and higher paying job. Sometimes this can be looked down upon by employers, as they may think you will not stay working for them. And there is that possibility.

However, for some and in some industries, you almost need to job hop to get up the food chain.

Read more about job hopping here.

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