Hi Jon,

I am unsure if you can help me or not. My energy costs are going off the chart. They have doubled in the past few months, gas, electricity, all gone up. I know why as the energy companies can now charge more than they could before. I had a Smart Meter installed and can monitor our energy usage, but cannot lower our bills. Any advice?



Hi Jake,

Energy costs have soared throughout the country due to the regulator Ofgem, raising the cap on energy. You then have increased prices, and as we have seen, many energy providers going under.

Having a Smart Meter installed was a wise move, I have done this myself. You can not only check your gas and electricity usage daily, but hourly as well.

As to how save money on energy?? That is a good question and difficult to answer. It can depend on your household, and many other factors.

Electricity seems to be main culprit as those prices have really spiked.

The common sense approach such as only putting enough water in the kettle as needed, ironing as needed, are age old approaches. Just watch your Smart Meter when you put the kettle on and/or the iron.

If you have an electric shower, these are huge drains and costs! Baths are an option, but you still use gas for the boiler, but baths are cheaper. Watch your Smart Meter when someone uses an electric shower, you’ll freak out!

There are more energy saving tips here.



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