You would think that with inflation and rising prices, people would cut back on spending money, and many do. However, there are still a few who do not. Read this.

Is Universal Credit Working?

The answer to this question will obviously be who you ask. It has helped many during the lock downs and pandemic, but there are those it has not supported.

You can read one person’s story here and here.

Want to Save Money….Stop Drinking….Alcohol

This is much easier said than done.

I have friends and family that live for the pub! They love to have a drink, and it is their social lives. However, the fact is there is a cost to this, in your health, and your wallet or purse.

The “pub culture” in ingrained in us, and many people do not drink at home, but go out.

Oddly enough, my research shows that while food prices are on the rise, alcohol is not. Some wines may be slightly higher, but not spirits and most beers/ales.

Read this for more information on saving money by not drinking.

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