Where to Find a Food Bank Near You

A few years back I volunteered at Shelter the housing charity, and we gave out food bank vouchers to people so they could get the necessary food they needed. Now more than ever, food banks are being required.

Here is a link, one of many, that you can find a food bank near you.

No one should be homeless, and no one should not have access to food.

Has Anyone Received Their Council Tax Rebate!?????

I do not know of anyone who has!

I phoned my local Council and was told they just yesterday, set-up a web page to apply for the rebate, and get this, you need to register, even though I am registered with my local Council online, I needed a “secret reference number”.

What is up with that?? I have my property address, reference number, online key, I know the secret handshake….etc.

If you have or have not received your rebate, let us know.

The Heat Is On!

The UK is being hit, or will be hit soon, with a 40 degree C heat wave! That is hot!

The Met Office has issued warnings and there is also advice as what to do.

To my knowledge the only buildings in my city that have air con are gambling houses and Chinese restaurants. Odd, I know.

Stay hydrated, and out of the sun.

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