I got divorced a few years back, and my ex and I had a credit card and loans together. We decided at the time of the divorce who would pay what account, and that was that. I left the family home as we had children and moved on with my life. I had to pay child maintenance but now that has ceased as they are older. I recently received a notice the bank was going to repossess the property I left to my ex when we got divorced. The mortgage loan was to be paid by my ex, and they have failed to pay it. I just am curious as to where I stand with this and am I liable?




Unfortunately, if the mortgage was in both your names, yours and your ex, you both are equally responsible, so you are still liable for the account.

Have you spoke to the bank or mortgage company regarding the repossession? Have you spoke to your ex about this? There may be some issues that have arose, and you may have some options to cure any arrears and not have the property repossessed.

Get back to me and we can discuss this in more detail.



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