As Butter Gets More Expensive…Why Not Make Your Own

It may sound silly, but people are turning to making some of their favourite foods as food prices continue to rise.

You can read here, about a guy making his own butter.

Can I Buy My Council House?

Over the years, the local Councils have sold off their properties to Housing Associations. These Housing Associations are regulated, and for the most part, nothing changed, it was a seamless change over.

While inflation and times are financially difficult, I have been approached and asked about people purchasing their home they let from a Housing Association.

In doing some research, some of these properties are being sold to the tenants very cheap. I know of one property valued at £95,000, being offered to sell for £28,000.

There are rules in place to make these purchases, you can read some of them here. But these rules are a bit vague. You need to contact your Housing Association to inquire in more detail.

You also need to be aware if you do purchase your home, you are then responsible for all repairs and maintenance.

IVA Payments and The Cost of Living

IVA’s or Individual Voluntary Arrangements, are a form of insolvency that allows you to pay off your debts in an affordable way over a five (5) year period. Your monthly payments are based on affordability. However, now with the cost of living going up, there are some changes that are being made as to what your monthly payments may be if in an IVA.

I suggest you read this.

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