People Stealing Food and Security Tags on Food

That is what it has come to, people stealing food, more than usual, and security tags on some foods, like butter!

I remember a few years ago seeing security tags on honey, and I was wondering why??? Then I saw the price of the honey, £40 or so. Honey, or some honey, was very expensive.

I suppose with food prices going up, more theft and shop lifting is occurring.

Asking For a Pay Rise: And Not Going on Strike To Get It

We have posted some recent news that covered the rail strikes that had occurred and disrupted our lives. And in most instances, workers taking strike action is due to the fact they want more money, a pay rise.

However, you can just approach your employer and ask for a pay rise. You can read more about how to go about this here.

How Much Savings Do You Have?

If we are to believe what Lloyds states, 80% of all Brits have £500 or less in savings.

This does not mean they have money saved elsewhere, but their research showed only £500 or less.

Read all about it here.

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