Are The Days of Cheap Flights Over?

If we are to believe the head of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, the cost of flying is going to rise in the upcoming years. While Mr. O’Leary has made some pretty bold statements in the past, he may be spot on with this one. Mainly fuel prices could drive air fares up.

As I have stated previously, “the golden age of air travel has flown”.

Read Mr. O’Learys comments here.

Are We Looking At a “Storm of Bankruptcies”?

If you were to ask me that question, I would answer, the dam is full and ready to burst….as to more people and businesses going bankrupt?? It would seem the perfect insolvency storm is on the horizon.

We had lock downs, business going out of business, now labour shortages due to Brexit, strikes, supply chain issues, inflation, prices rising….so yes….we could be looking at a new record number of insolvencies.

Read more here.

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