My Father’s Birthday Was the 4th of July!

The 4th of July is a big holiday in America.

My father was born at home on the 4th of July, so there was no birth certificate, which haunted him basically the rest of his life. But he was born in America, lived and died there. And the stories I could tell you….

The Cost of Living and Taking Care of Family Members

We all want to help out family members, and for some, taking in children is a way to help out.

However, there can be a cost to that.

Read some stories here.

airplane seats

Delta Airlines Offers $10,000 To Passengers To Take a Later Flight

You read that right, $10,000 to passengers on an overbooked flight to give up their seats. I’d be the first in the queue.

You can read more about it here.

The Cost of Love or More Like The Cost of Dating

The Beatles may have sang about how money can’t buy me love, but in today’s singles world, it does cost to fine “the one”.

You may pay for a dating service or an app to look for potential partners, then the dates themselves can be anything from a cup of coffee, to a full blown meal. In the end, dating is not cheap.

Read about a survey and some costs here.

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