Tesco and Heinz At Loggerheads

The price of many foods has increased, and so with many Heinz products, such as our favourite baked beans and other foods, has increased as well.

If a manufacturer raises their prices, then the retailer must due the same in order to maintain the same profits.

Tesco is trying to not have to pass these price increases by Heinz on, so they are not selling certain products. Read here, and here.

BT Workers In Next Round of Strikes

The summer of 2022 appears to be the summer of strike actions.

Rail workers strike, British Airlines workers vote to strike, and now BT workers have voted to strike.

I wonder if I can strike???

Read more here, not about my strike, but at BT.

Have You Heard of HFSS?

HFSS stands for High in Fat, Sugar and Salt, and the government is attempting to regulate these food products to deal with obesity in our country. Good luck.

Certain products are to be like cigarettes, behind counters, no 2-4-1 deals or multi buys, and no advertising of certain foods before 9pm.

An ambitious project, and more of a “Nanny State” idea.

The Coop have already started implementing changes to meet this new regulation.

Read more here.

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