How Can The Government Ask Companies to “Cut Prices”?

The UK government is begun a campaign asking business to reduce their prices to help with the increased cost of living.

I find this shear madness!

These businesses are having to deal with supply chain issues and increased costs of their own. You may as well ask them to take money out of their tills and give it to people.

You can read this ridiculous idea here.

Inflation is Up – Lottery Sales Down

As the cost of living goes up due to inflation, lottery sales go down.

As people have less money to spend on non-essentials, such as the lottery, sales are down.

Read more details here.

Alcohol Prices 2022

I did some research online, and also did some research on my own, by going into various supermarkets and shops in the city I live in. I found the price of a pint, or any alcohol sold in pubs has increased. One pub in London hit the £8 a pint mark!

My research found that the price of alcohol if you went out to a pub has increased, and there is a natural reason for this. The cost of everything has increased and gone up. In addition you are in a pub, which have they survived the lock downs, are now trying to make-up lost revenue. Fair enough.

However, what I have found in the supermarkets is alcohol has not increased in price, and in some instances, been on offer, reduced in price.

One particular major supermarket has had various whiskies on offer each week for months now, and the reduction is significant. Even the local booze shop has had offers on each week, and the prices are the lowest I have seen.

I did notice the price of wine has increased, by about £1 a bottle. I noticed this as my partner likes a glass or two on the weekend.

So again, my research showed alcohol prices increasing in the bars and pubs, but not so much in the stores.

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