We Have Left The EU and Holidays Abroad Are Going To Cost More For Using Our Mobiles

Since the UK is no longer in the EU, using your mobile abroad now when on holiday is going to be more costly.

EE only charges an extra £2 a day say if you are Greece, but it becomes much more costly depending on what country you visit.

You can check these web sites out as to the roaming charges, depending on your mobile phone carrier.




Lateral Flow Covid Tests, How Much They Now Cost

The government “scrapped” free lateral flow Covid tests, so now if you need to test yourself, you need to buy the tests.

But where to buy one and how much.

Read on here.

What is Peak and Off-Peak Energy Usage?

First the energy companies roll out smart meters to aid us in saving money on our gas and electric bills. Which I believe they do help. I monitor mine daily, if not hourly, to see where I might be able to reduce my energy consumption. However, sometimes, the energy you use is just that, the energy you use.

But did you know of peak and off-peak times for energy use and saving money? I didn’t know of this.

Read more here, and here.

Save on Car Insurance By Paying By The Mile

This is a bit new to me. I do know you can save on your car insurance by limiting the number of miles you drive a year. You can also save money by raising your excess, but that can cost you out of pocket should have a crash and need a repair. But paying insurance by the mile??

The RAC explains it in more detail here.

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