Russia Close to Defaulting On Debt Or Has Already

Now, you wouldn’t think a country like Russia, who is in the middle of a War with Ukraine, would suffer financial issues. However, with all the sanctions being placed on Russia, due to them invading Ukraine, and their own issues with wanting to stop gas supplies and trade, it appears Russia may be on a financial turn, and not a good one.

Read all about it here.

Having to Pay to Enter a Village?


The Village of Clovelly, charges a fee in order to allow you access to enter it. If that sounds odd, yes it is, but there is much there to see, and the village itself goes back many hundreds of years.

You can read one person’s experience here. Well worth the read.

Food Waste Let’s End It!

Many communities have local food stores and large supermarkets that donate food to charities in their area, to save wasting food. Coop has had a food sharing programme for years, but now there is a new food share programme called Caboodle.

It is only available in certain parts of the country, for now, but you can register an interest and read more here.

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