BA Vote to Strike Over Pay

It appears there may be another transport strike on the horizon.

Now the Heathrow staff for British Airways has voted to strike over pay.

Yes, inflation has gone up, and yes, all prices are going up, but when you strike at a time that people have planned travel and holidays as they have, all you do is make those travellers angry at you. So you get an extra .50p an hour, which you will without a strike, but the public hates you. Yes, hates!

The rail strike last week was the same.

In the end, there will be a compromise, but strike action helps no one.

Read more here.

Sometimes strikes do not go as planned.

The Price of Butter Seems To Be Rising

We all know food prices in general are going up, but a few people have noticed the price of butter has really risen.

Read more here, or just go out and price butter at different supermarkets.

Some Good Discounts

I have written and posted links before about various discounts, but here is another one. In these times, it never hurts to just have a nose at them.

I will keep looking for more.

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