How Many of Us Still Have Paper £20 and £50 Notes?

Did you ever have a £50 note, in your life???

Well if you do, you have 100 days to spend them, or turn them in to a bank for a new polymer or plastic note. As after this time they are not technically usable. Although I am sure people will home to them as souvenirs and in hopes they gain some value.

Read more about it here.

Saving Money Has No Borders

Here is a web site in America that has some tips for saving money. Many of which apply to us here in the UK.

I am sure I started the “snowball effect” to get out of debt back in the 90’s. Steve Rhode may remember, but this site uses it was a method to get out of debt as well.

It is good advice.

Construction Materials Shortage and the Cost Of Building….Going Up!

I have written before about how in my city so many new building projects have fallen flat. The developers and builders started projects prior to the pandemic, and had to shut them down during lock downs. Then when they started the building back up, the costs for materials had risen, supply chains were an issue, and getting people back to work was a major concern.

It appears this has not gone away or resolved itself.

You can read more details about it here.

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