Shoppers Setting Limits

Asda and other food chains are saying shoppers are having limits on their spending set at the tills.

Food prices are rising, as is the price of everything, and so some shoppers are trying to work within their food budgets, and a way of doing this is to prioritise what food they purchase, and once the cost reaches a certain point, no more.

Many are using £30 as their limit.

You can read more here.

Rail Strike = More Workers Need to Drive Cars

Talk about a perfect storm!

Petrol prices are at a record high, and then there is a rail strike. So for many, they have to put a crowbar in the wallet or purse, get the motor out, and pay the high prices for petrol and diesel just to get to your slaving job to pay these costs.

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Glastonbury….It Is Here After The Wait

After 2 years of waiting, the Glastonbury Festival or Fayre is on this year!

And it is a big deal. It brings in thousands, well tens of thousands of people to the area, as well as a lot of custom and money.

The festival also brings money to many stores across the country in the form of selling tents, sleeping bags and other items used and usually left at the festival when it is over.

You can read more here, and read the line up here.

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