Even The Beautiful Go Bankrupt

US cosmetic maker Revlon has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the USA.

Like many companies, supply chain issues, and heavy debt loads, push many companies into Bankruptcy.

A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in America is in essence a reorganisation, the courts allow the company time to present a way to repay their debts, and show a model of solvency.

Read more here.

No Fault Evictions To Be Banned

A White paper in the government is to prevent “no fault evictions” by landlords. No fault evictions are in essence where a landlord basically tells a tenant they must move.

This paper will also consider those tenants with pets.

Read about it here.

Heating or Eating

Fortunately we are into warmer months, so many of us will not need to use our heating, but many will. There are chilly nights, drying clothes on the radiators, etc.

You can read more of this dilemma here. And see a survey here.

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