Are Food Prices Going to Rise Even More?

If you have seen or experienced it, food prices are creeping up. At first not a lot, but they are rising. As to if this will continue, depends on who you ask, and when you ask them.

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Sir Mick Tests Positive For Covid

If you know the Rolling Stones, then you know Sir Mick Jagger, and the fact that having a heart issue a couple of years ago, this guy is in shape! A bit of a fitness nut, even it is just for 2 hours a night on stage.

Mick, Keith, Ronnie, all of them give 100% when they play a show. Actually, I think the Stones sound better now then 50 years ago.

But the Stones have had to postpone a couple of shows as Mick tested positive for Covid. And it is going to happen, people do test positive, but in the case of the Rolling Stones, there is a huge knock-on effect.

Fans may have scheduled travel, hotels, etc to see a show, and this is all a problem.

The Rolling Stones know this, they are very professional and do not cancel or reschedule shows lightly! It costs all involved money.

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UK National Debt

This is a scary but hopefully an accurate web site.


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