Cost of Living/Stimulus Payments To Begin in July

In the USA they had a stimulus package that initially gave I believe $1,400 to residents, and then another $600 later on during the pandemic. Here in the UK they are doing the same due to inflation, and the high cost of living.

So…..the government here in the UK is also going to provide cost of living payments, beginning in July. Then more money in the Autumn.

Read more details about this extra money here.

Airlines Told to Shape-Up!

If you have flown recently, odds are you experienced delays and cancellations.

The airlines blame staff shortages of their own, security and staff shortages at the airport, and just blame, blame, blame in general.

I recently took 2 flights/return each flight 4 hours….no food, or drink. The airline, which will go unnamed, TU something, had no hot food, and limited beverages. In fact, we were told ahead of the flight by the airline to buy our own food.

I thought about that….and fish and chips with extra vinegar, or fried chicken, something really pungent, would have worked to drive everyone else on the flight, and the crew mad.

However, my partner said no to this.

Our family who was to join us on this excursion, had their flight cancelled. So all 6 of them, had to find a flight to a different island in Greece, and on a different day. So instead of spending 7 days together, we got 2 days together, and my partner and I had to get a ferry, 2.5 hours return, to see them and back.

Right now travelling is not good.

But in all fairness, there are staff shortages, supply chain issues, and we are coming out of a pandemic….or are we??

Read here about the government wanting the airline industry to get their act together!

Your Partner’s Debts…..And You!

I have written numerous times about debt and death, and do or will you be responsible for your partner/spouse’s debt/s should you live together.

The bottom line, (pun intended), answer is no. Not unless those accounts or debts are in both your names.

But don’t take my word for it, read the Moneynerd here.

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