Misguided Has Misguided

Online retailer Misguided has as predicted gone into Administration.

Which is not good for anyone….especially if you have returned clothing and are expecting a refund. Not going to happen. You will need to seek other avenues to get your money back. Read on here.

Areas of Personal Finance

I am a “lest common denominator” kind of person. Keep it simple.

So when you look at money and personal finances, there really are only a few things we need to keep our eyes, and wallets/pocketbooks on.

I found this web site to be a very straight forward way to look at things.

Invest in Whiskey

If you know me, I have invested in Scotch Whiskey for years, more by purchasing and drinking it.

However, Scotch is an investment, but a long-term investment.

Scotch Whiskey by law has to remain in Scotland after being distilled for a minimum of three (3) years in order to be called Scotch. However, many whiskeys are aged for much longer.

Read here about investing in the fine water of Scotland.

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