Ways To Save On Petrol

I have written before on ways to save money on petrol, specifically hypermile.

But you can read more ways to save on petrol here.

Worried About Energy Bills….You are not Alone

People are spending less money on food just to pay their energy bills.

Read this.

The BBC should give me some credit for all the links to them I provide!

RIP Alan White

I should have posted this earlier, but to be honest, I was in a bit of shock.

Long time drummer for the band Yes has died. He also played with John Lennon, and was on some of John’s iconic songs, Imagine and more.

I personally met Alan and chatted with him on numerous occasions and you never met a nicer guy! He always had time to chat and was very engaging. One day I will have share the story of speaking with Alan in the Cavern Club in Liverpool. The things we spoke of and what he shared, such a nice guy, and an amazing drummer. And Alan was more than just a drummer, his piano playing was excellent!

I think Rick Wakeman summed it up best. Here.

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