I have a variety of unsecured debts, some are with debt collection and some not. I have a joint mortgage so I’ve been happily not paying some of my own debts but don’t want to affect our mortgage until I’m in a position to fight that Too.

Where can I find in for and letter downloads to help me challange my debts.
Do you work With people who owe to energy companies or council tax too?



As you can guess, a mortgage is a priority bill or monthly debt.  So good for you.

Why are you looking to challenege the other debts you have?

Energy bills and Council Tax are priority bills as well.

I need a bit more information to advise further.  There are many places online to get letters to test what you owe, but the fact is if you signed an agreement, you entered into a contract and getting out of the contract you may need legal advise.




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