P&O Ferries Loses Government Contract

A few months ago P&O ferries sacked over 800 employees. Then replaced the sacked workers with “foreign agency workers” who will work for less.

Not a good move in the public eye, maybe on paper, but not good.

The UK Border Force who had a contract with P&O has ended it “immediately”.

You can read more here.

Want to Lower Your Broadband Bill….Read On

I recently wrote about being compensated if your Internet provider fails to provide service, you can read that here. However, there are ways to reduce your broadband costs. There are some good tips here.

You have to keep in mind, not all these tips will apply everyone. Reducing your broadband speed if you work from home and do video meetings, may not allow this to be an option.

Although bundling your mobile and TV with your broadband can be a good option.

How To Deal With Death and Debt

The answer is, there is no easy way….but there also is a way to understand how these matters operate.

I have written about this before, read here.

But others have written about it as well, and you can read here.

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