It’s Not What You Know But Who You Know

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Still Waiting on The Council Tax Rebate, Some May Receive More Help

So far I do not know anyone who has received the £150 Council Tax rebate. I am sure people have, but no one I know.

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced many on benefits will receive an additional £600, possibly in two (2) instalments.

Read about it here……and then wait.

World’s Top Graduates Offered New Visa Option

Immigration in the UK has changed quite a lot over the years, and believe me I know. You had changes to the Work Visa scheme, going to a point system like Australia, spouse Visa’s, EU Settlement Scheme, and of course student Visas.

The UK is now offering a new Visa option for the graduates of some of the more “top” universities in the world.

Depending on the degree the graduates have, will determine how long the Visa will allow them to live in the UK; and they do need a job offer.

You can about it here.

It does not mention recourse to benefits, or health care. I would imagine the Visa would not allow those visitors access to public funds like that, unless they were working and paying taxes.

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