Government to Come Up With a Plan To Help With The Cost of Living

OK, we are all seeing and experiencing it, the rising cost of living…inflation!

However, in a way to defer us to not looking at “Party Gate”, the government is to announce some new measures to help with the cost of living. You can read on here. And here.

No More Fish And Chips???

Sounds hard to believe, but England’s most famous food is in danger. In part due to the rising cost of some fish, mostly Cod, and also energy prices. But there also is a shortage of cooking oil.

Read here and here.

Being Allowed to Steal

We know that times are getting financially tough, more for some that others, and we are all finding ways to cope with the increases in living. However I found this article to be something I had not thought of.

Many retailers have a policy of not confronting shop lifters, or giving chase to them. It can be dangerous to all involved.

However, when I read about some staff turning the “blind eye” to people not paying for food, it really strcuk me, as I would probably do the same thing.

Food is a basic need, and so is shelter.

Read the article I highlighted above and decide for yourself.

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