Over Age 60, Iceland to Offer a 10% Discount

Beginning May 24th, Iceland the frozen food retailer will offer a 10% discount to those over the age of 60 on Tuesdays. Read about it here.

That is a nice deal, and maybe other supermarkets will do the same.

More Money Saving Tips

I like researching and find ways for people to save money, as not all money saving tips will be applicable to everyone. I also like many of the more “common sense” tips.

This web site has some basic and very good ideas on how to save money.

I particularly like the tip of continue to pay a loan after it is paid off, meaning just save the money. I have recommended that to people for years.

Tracking your spending is also an old but wise way to know and see where your money is going. Spending plans are a great way to effect a change on our spending behaviours.

Anyone Else Dislike Self-Service Tills?

I have a “pet-peeve”, and it is one among many….self-service tills!

I cannot stand them, for various reasons, one being they never work for me. Don’t buy alcohol, as someone will have to come over to approve the purchase.

Don’t buy fresh fruit or veg as you to know the secret codes to get it to scan properly.

Bring your own bag, do NOT place it in the bagging area first thing. That sets off a chain of events that once again someone will need to come over to clear.

But my biggest issue with self-service tills is that if I am doing all the work, why do I not get a discount???

By scanning and bagging my own stuff, I am saving the store money on employee costs….or am I as it seems an employee has to come over to me and someone else every 30 seconds.

Apparently I am not alone in some of my feelings regarding self-service tills, you can read more here.

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