Hi, and I hope you can help me. I went to America when the lock downs were lifted and took ill, very ill. I had to be hospitalised and my medical bills there are in the tens of thousands of dollars. I have been receiving collection notices from a company in America threatening me if I don’t pay. What can I do?



Hi G,

Receiving collection notices from anyone, especially another country, is stressful. I hope your health has improved.

It is unfortunate that people in America can be in “medical debt, debt due to needing medical care and not having health insurance. Did you have a travel insurance policy, and if so, have you reported a claim?

Debts in America, medical or otherwise, cannot be collected by a collection agency in America in the UK, they have no authority here. However, if the account/debt is sold or assigned to a UK collection agency, they can then collect it here, but in accord with UK rules and law regarding debts.

Can you afford to set-up a repayment plan? If not you could wait and see if the account is sold to someone here in the UK, and use the UK’s debt repayment plans and insolvency laws, as the account then has to be collected according to our rules and laws.



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