Jon thanks for your advice you provide. I have an issue with my local council, I owe them money and they say they are going to send out bailiffs. I just cannot afford to pay them, and am at a loss as to what to do?



Council Tax is a priority bill and should be treated as such, but there are times when we cannot afford to pay it. And the threat of Bailiffs can be worrying, as many Councils use Bailiffs to collect unpaid tax.

How much do you owe? Have you spoke to the Council about this?

There are concessions in place to help people pay their Council Tax, such as a single occupancy discount, and if you receive benefits, a discount in addition to that.

The government has stated we are all to receive £150 rebate via the local Councils, so you can use that to help you with the arrears.

One other question is why have you fallen into arrears with your Council Tax?

Speak to the Council and get back to me. You also may wish to read this on Bailiffs.



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