Counterfeits, Knock-Off’s, and Saving Money

We all like saving money, especially in the times we are experiencing now. And not all of us can afford to buy the name brands of clothing and other items, so we may go with “knock-off” brand, a perfume with a similar scent, shoes that look the part, etc.

Retailers know this as well, and how we as consumers think. Primark in particular realised this, and have created lines of clothing that are similar to more expensive brand names.

Read about a particular £12 brand of sandals, that look like a £1,000 brand. Click here.

Co-op Local Fund – Giving Away Money

The Co-op has begun their next round of community funding, and applications need to be received by May 29th. Read here to see if you or your organisation qualifies.

Landlord…Please Evict Me!

Can you imagine wanting to be evicted from your home??!!

It is not something many would consider, let alone want to happen, but for some it is a reality. Get evicted, and then become a priority for social and council housing.

Why you may ask???

Rent increases and many who are with private landlords and on benefits can no longer afford to live in those properties. Benefits are not enough to cover the cost(s) of living, and finding cheaper accommodations is a struggle, but once evicted and homeless, you rise to the top of the “property pool” ladder.

Don’t believe me, read here.

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