Government Wants To Save Money By Cutting 90,000 Civil Service Jobs

The UK government is looking into cutting 90,000 Civil Service jobs which means it could save over £3 billion a year. They then say they can use this extra money to help ease the cost of living through tax cuts and other measures to help us.

What about the 90,000 people now out of work??? Read more here.

How Much Does It Cost To Move House?

According to some average costs and calculators it can be almost £9,000 to move house!

You can see the figures here. This is taking into account if you are buying a property.

If you are just letting a property, the costs can be less, depending on if you are going with a private landlord, or a social landlord.

Many private landlords provide white goods, and flooring in their properties, but social landlords tend to strip a property back to bare walls and floors, to allow the tenant to have a “blank canvas” to work with.

Many social landlords will also provide a voucher to be used for paint and flooring, but this voucher is never near enough to redo the property.

You can read one person’s story here.

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