I left the UK about 3 years ago when my student Visa was up. I left a mobile phone account, and a few small credit cards. I have a job offer back in England and am worried these accounts may affect my travels there, or I may be arrested at the airport.



I get asked this question many times about moving abroad with debt, or leaving debt behind in the UK, or other countries and then travelling back to that country.

Leaving unpaid accounts behind in the UK, alone is not a reason to be stopped at any airport, or even interfering with a work Visa to come here.

I am assuming you are being sponsored for a work Visa by a company if you are not a Citizen of the UK and have been offered a job here.

Have you had any contact with those you owe in the past 3 years since you left?

Once you are back working if you can afford to, and if the accounts are still on the creditor’s books, you may wish to contact them to inquire as to the status of the accounts, and if you can repay them.

A lot of if’s there.



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