What is Quitter’s Remorse?

Many of us have heard of “buyer’s remorse”, where you may a purchase and regret or change your mind later. But quitter’s remorse?

This is where you leave a job, and then realise at the new job…..it is not all you thought it would be, or was promised it would be. Read more here.

Buy Now…Pay Later…Get Reported to The Credit Bureaus

Buy now and pay later has been around for some time now. And for many, it is a good way to make purchases online and get goods.

In addition, these accounts in the past were not reported to the credit bureaus, so not only did you not get credit (pun intended) for the account, they did not lower your credit score.

However, now Klarna one of the largest buy now pay later site and store, will begin reporting to the credit agencies as of June 1st.

This process of reporting payments will take some time, and it can be good for some, and not so good for others.

Read more here.

Shoppers Ask Check Out Staff To Stop Scanning

This is not anything new, but it seems to have become more news worthy due to the increase in the cost of living, especially energy and food. Inflation in general is hitting us all, and hitting us hard.

Shoppers are asking clerks at the tills to stop scanning food items once the total bill reaches a certain amount. This is nothing new, and if you are my age, you can remember it was a regular thing in the past. But it has come more into view due to the economic times we live in.

You can read more about this here.

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