I’m in court on Thursday and the other side is trying to make me pay their costs (approx £10,000).

If the court finds against me and I am liable for their solicitor’s costs how can these be enforced? I own next to nothing and have very little in the bank

Thanks from your time Jon,

Regards, Mark



It sounds as though your concerns are more of a legal issue, stemming from a legal action.

Is this a criminal action suit?

If you are liable for the other side’s legal costs, they can be collected as any debt can be collected. Without further details, I cannot really advise.

My advice would be to speak to your Solicitor, we cannot provide legal advice.



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    1. Mark,

      Unsure how I can address your question, as it is a legal issue. If the courts find you owe anything, then it can be collected as any debt in the UK can be collected. Let me know and we can can look at it then.



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