Landlords … Have an Empty Shop?

Shops and stores on the High Street have suffered for years, and once the pandemic and lock downs hit, they suffered even more.

So many places going out of business, boarding up, it is bad, and it looks bad as well.

But the government may have a plan to make use of these boarded up, and unused properties.

Commercial properties left vacant for over a year, could be put-up for a “rental auction”. This new Bill will force owners of this properties to let them out.

Interesting concept that you can read more about here.

Could The Rolling Stones Be Hit By The Cost Of Living?

The short answer is…..NO!

These guys are set, and deliver the goods. The Stones put on a show like you have never seen! Mick and Keith never, ever, fail to be the best! And Charlie when he was with us, never did either. And let’s not forget the Wood Man, Ronnie Wood! I am a huge Ronnie fan!!

You may not like the Rolling Stones, obviously I do, but they are one of the greatest bands in the world! Period!

Keith Richards use of tunings, and riffs, is what some might say came from genius, or an altered state of consciousness.

However, how great the Stones are, there seems to be a dip in ticket sales, more likely from the economy, and not the fact the Stones themselves, as other bands are feeling it as well.

Read more here.

What is Nudge Theory?

Have you ever heard of “nudge theory”?

If not, it is something you may wish to learn about.

It is a “concept in behavioural economics” that is used in other areas as well.

It is a way of influencing our behaviour and certain outcomes.

You should be nudged to read more here.


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