Post Election Results

By now you should know the election results in your area. As they say, it is all over but the shouting.

It appears the Tories lost a few seats and position, but the loss is not as high as many expected due to recent events.

The BBC has posted early results here.

Sharing Your Netflix Account? Not Any More.

Many of us think we are pretty clever, we will buy one (1) subscription to a service, I’ll use Netflix as an example, and share it with other friends and family members, who may not be living with us at the same address.

Some of the services have caught onto this, and are changing their pricing accordingly, one being Netflix.

They are testing restricting the sharing of passwords, and are adding a place to add sub-accounts.

You can read an overview of this change here.

McColls Could Go Into Administration

You can read more details here.

This is sad news, as no one wants to see a store or shop go out of business. If McColls does go into Administration, it could be bought by other investors, or even current investors, and become a Phoenix Company.

There are many issues when something like this happens, such as will anyone buy the company and keep it as is, or will they buy it just for what stock and assets it may have and sell that off.

Then there is the issue of employees?? The company is said to have 16,000 employees, 6,000 of which are full-time employees.

I find it odd McColls is in the position it is, in part due to the fact that convenience stores were kept open during the lock downs, and I would have thought sales would be high, increasing profits.

Maybe they have too much debt?? Maybe their suppliers have increased prices, or the supply chains are struggling?? Who knows?

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