Here’s a Company You Want to Work For

One word..OK two words.. craft beer…and Brewdog. Wait that is three words.

The CEO of Brewdog, James Wyatt, is going to give 20% of what he owns in the company to the employees. Read about it here.

If you know the history of the brewery, it is an interesting one, if you do not know the history of the brewery, you should research it.

There is a Brewdog in my city, and they have very good, and some excellent beers, good food, too. It is the atmosphere that really makes the place. And the employees, are the best in customer service and overall just nice people!

Planning on a Holiday Abroad….Take Out Travel Insurance

Every time I travel outside the UK, I take out travel insurance, even with a EHIC card. The extra coverage is needed. In addition, since we, the UK, have left the EU, while our EHIC cards are still good until they expire, the extra coverage is well worth having.

And if you are going outside the EU, to say America, you really need travel insurance.

You can read and learn more as to how to choose the right policy and what to cover here.

Are Student Loans and Going to Uni Worth It?

I have written numerous times on the merits and downsides of student loans and student debt. Because going to Uni is not cheap, and there can be a difference between good debt, and bad debt.

I have also advised young and old, that there are many ways to earn a substantial living, without going to Uni and going into debt.

Here are a few stories that may help some make a decision about Uni and other career options.

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