Not Happy At Work….Strike!

Some Post Office workers are going to stage a 24 hour strike in 114 Post Offices over wages. You can read this here.

To recount a true story from 8 or 9 years ago, I went to my local Post Office, and it was closed. Closed on a day and time it would normally open. I thought….that is odd.

So I went back 2 days later and the Post Office was open, and I waited in a huge queue.

When I finally got to the counter to post my letter, I asked the person there why the Post Office was closed the other day? The person behind the counter stated they had staged a strike.

OK, I then asked what they were striking for???

The person stated, “better working conditions”.

And they said that statement with a straight/serious face, as they were sitting down, behind a glass counter, sipping a cup of tea.

Who Doesn’t Want to Save Money on Flights

The skies are opening up, and we want to get up there!

Airlines have different ways they price their fares, but supply and demand and surge pricing are one of the main stays in how they do this.

But there are ways to save money.

I found for Internation flights, it can depend on the day you book the flight, and the days you are willing to fly which can make a huge difference in pricing. Flying in the middle of the week, can be cheaper than flying on the weekend.

You can find more money saving tips on airfares here.

It Has Never Been Easier To Buy a Car….If They Are In Stock

A friend of mine leases a new car every few years. They get a new car, everything is included, and they turn the old one in, and drive off with a new car. Simple.

But the ease at which you can get a new or used car is amazing.

Why go out to showrooms and spend hours browsing the lots, it can all be done online!

Here is a web site that not only aids in finding that perfect motor, but can help with financing as well. View here.

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