Not a Good Time to Own a Superyacht…Especially if You Are Russian

With the war in Ukraine ongoing, and all the sanctions being issued against Russia, one is to seize assets of oligarchs from Russia. Oh and yes, it is a War, not a conflict.

One of those assets being seized is the oligarchs yachts, or in some cases, superyachts. I that like Superman….they can fly???

Read here more about this.

This is a good read, about “megayachts” and how oligarchs are scared of getting close to the “wrong money”.

Read all about it here.

Debt in Other Countries and Exchange Rates

I have written numerously about having debt in other countries and moving back to the UK, or moving to another country. But with all the world has to offer, exchange rates should you choose to continue making payments to those accounts, can be an issue.

Exchange rates for currency change daily, and depending where you are living now, and where the account is you need to pay, it can cost you more, or in some instances cost you less.

Here are some currency convertors that may help. Click here and here.

What is The 50/20/30 Budget Rule?

These percentages get tossed about a bit, as for many, it can be difficult to live by these figures, but the essence of what a U.S Senator, Elizabeth Warren outlined in her book, “All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan”, was to use 50% of your income for expenses and living needs, 30% for things you ant, and 20% towards savings.

Not so easy to do in these days and times.

You can read a brief overview of this theory/concept here.

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