You Can Be In Work….But Still Need Financial Help

That sounds like a bold statement, but it is true. Many people work, but they may be on zero (0) hour contracts, or just not earn enough to pay all the bills. So they can then claim benefits, which is now Universal Credit, and may still need to make use of food banks and other help that is available.

Food costs and the cost of energy is rising, and wages are not rising.

You can read more about it and one person’s story here.

We All Love Our Pets

One thing I noticed during the lock downs, was the cost of pets rising….a lot! More dogs than cats, but just to get a puppy, the cost was really high. Some breeds commanding thousands of pounds!

Then once you have your beloved extra member of the family, and a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, the expenses begin from there; food, vet bills, or pet insurance, ….the list can go on and on.

Here are some ways to save on pet care, should you choose to read it.

Now give me your paw.

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