The Cost Of Moving House

We all know that it is not cheap to move house.

You have the actual cost of moving, physically packing up all your belongings and having them moved to another location. I call moving day, the day you touch everything you own.

You also have the expense of setting up a new house, painting, carpets, flooring, etc, it is a blan canvas for you to paint however you wish.

For some who are in desperate need of housing, being moved for some emergency reason, such as a fire, moving is not just an expense, but a hardship.

This story is worth a read.

Getting Debt Advice

I think the best place to get advice is here or here

However, it is nice to see other organisations and web sites providing debt advice as well, here is one that ageuk provides which is good.

Age UK is a great organisation, who I have referred people to over the years.

Medical Debt?? Who is in Debt For Medical Bills?

I will tell you where, the USA! Oh, yeah! You can have medical insurance in the Colonies, and still owe money for treatments for medical issues, well for anything medical related.

There are deductibles to be paid, excess here in the UK, but these charges can be thousands.

So what happens if you cannot pay your medical bills….you can be chased, just like a debt, because there it is a debt. And people do go bankrupt in the USA for medical debt.

Here is a sister web site that has more on this, and an interesting article here.

Well worth a read.

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