Restaurants Are Cracking Down on “No Shows”

One of the industries hit the hardest by the pandemic and the lock downs was the hospitality industry; in particular restaurants.

Now it seems pubs and restaurants are facing a new issue, no shows.

Years ago no one even thought of booking a table at a restaurant or pub, you just showed up and if there was a waiting list, you waited.

These days bookings are not just recommended, but required. And it would seem many people are making bookings and then not showing up. This causes a huge expense to the pub or restaurant. They make sure they have enough staff, food to prepare, etc.

Then if the patron fails to show, the restaurant could be at a loss.

Restaurants and pubs are coming up with ways to hopefully change all that, which you can read about here.

Debt Following You Around The World!

I have written about this for years, leaving debts in other countries, leaving debt in the UK and returning, just leaving debt. It is an issue that goes on and on….as it will.

And it looks like I am not the only one to field these questions, read what the Moneynerd has to say.

It is a good read.

Shelf Shock??? What Is It?

If you have been monitoring the prices of various food items, then you have seen prices going up.

Tinned corned beef is up in some store by .80p to a Pound!

You may wish to read this here to see what you may have already been seeing….and feeling.

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