As I write this, I still have no Internet

Over the past 3 weeks, my Internet has been up and down, up and down. I won’t mention my Internet provider, but we can just say their initials are BT.

The Internet disruption began when someone in the neighbourhood had a phone line installed. They got their phone line, they got their Internet….mine was cut off.

Now here is the irony about having your Internet cut off, the provider, said BT, wants me to email them or message them about the fault??? With out Internet or WiFi, how do you do that???

After hours, and I mean hours, I finally speak to a human, not a bot, and they confirm what I already know, there is no signal/Internet coming into my home.

Now let’s add to the irony aspect…..I can see the hub for this provider from my lounge window, it is literally a 2 minute walk from my home.

So an engineer is scheduled to come out in 7 days.

7 DAYS!!!! This after the company has recently raised my monthly charges!

The Customer Service person’s response was to use my mobile….interesting.

I explained to this person the very essence and nature of our relationship:

I pay you….you provide a service. Done deal.

I cannot do secure work on my mobile, and if I could, I am using data, data which costs me more money.

I explained I need the Internet for work, and I have meetings to attend via the virtual meeting things, and this needs to be repaired ASAP!

An “engineer” comes out the next day, which is good service, compared to 7 days. They repair the fault, and state there are other faults, but the other faults do not affect my service. OK.

The repair person was really nice, and they did a through job.

Fast forward 2 weeks, more “engineers” are out, checking the lines, then after they leave, I have no service, and once again go through Hell to get to speak to someone. I do have to say that someone I spoke with was very nice, but they cannot fix the problem. It is an outage called an “MSO”, multiple service outage. It will be 7-10 days to repair, as they will need to dig, and need permission to do so.

Dig, you could run a wire from the service hub to my house!

Long story, longer, no Internet for a few days at the earliest. They fixed the “MSO”, and I am now an “isolated” incident.

So What Have I Learned Not Having Access to The Outside Internet World?

I wish I could say it is liberating, freedom from emails, web sites, work, meetings….but I cannot say/write this.

It sucks! Period!

I remember my first days on the Internet, an old AOL account, dial up modem, 9600 baud, the tones of the “hand shake”, and all there were to visit were bulletin boards. No photos, graphics, chats, video, just boards and forums.

If you look at things today, our reliance on the Internet is beyond just shopping, all businesses must have a Web presence in order to stay in business.

On a cheeky funny note, I asked one of the customer service reps if their Internet went down for 7 days, would they still get paid? As they cannot work, so would they still get paid? The rep had no response or answer for this.

So here I sit, with no access to the outside world, no phone, except my mobile, no Internet, no TV as my TV is all WiFi based….maybe I won’t even put the lights on when it goes dark, and I’ll just eat some cold beans, just see what it all feels like.

So Jon how did you post this on the Internet, without Internet?

I walked 2 miles in the snow, uphill each way to a friend’s secure Internet connection.

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